Yandex Metrica Certification Exam Answers

Yandex Metrica Certification Exam Answers 2020 (Latest and New)

  1. Clicking through from which traffic souce always starts a new session in Yandex.Metrica?
  2. After what amount of idle time can a visit be considered complete?
  3. Which traffic source had the lowest bounce rate for the whole month?
  4. In a counter code the following information is entered: try { var yaCounter1111111 = new Ya.Metrika({id:1111111, accurateTrackBounce:5000)}. How will this counter count bounces?
  5. Which option has an incorrect IP interval specified in the counter filters?
  6. Can you install several counter codes on one page of a site?
  7. Can I see information on traffic from social networks in a standard report?
  8. How accurately will information on users be collected if only the informer code is installed on the page of a site?
  9. One Yandex.Metrica counter is installed on the website, on third-level domain and on A user ends up on from a search engine, and in a minute clicks through to and a minute later clicks through to What data will Yandex.Metrica show?
  10. What type of filtering should be used to get rid of all robot traffic?
  11. Inside which tag is it recommended to install a Yandex.Metrica counter?
  12. Is it possible to combine data collected from two different Yandex.Metrica counters into one report?
  13. Is it possible to know which version of a browser site users are using?
  14. On the site the basket is located on the page How would you correctly configure a Page view goal for the basket page?
  15. Can I make a site’s traffic statistics public?
  16. Which option is not available in the informer settings?
  17. Form analysis functions on the basis of which data?
  18. What is meant by “Share of click-throughs: 8.1%” in this screenshot?
  19. How long does a counter keep information for?
  20. Which information about site users cannot be viewed in Yandex.Metrica?
  21. Which option do you need to select in the counter code settings to correctly record click-throughs on pages like,
  22. Is it possible to change a Yandex.Metrica counter number?
  23. How will information be taken into account after installing one counter on multiple domains?
  24. Which information about ad click-throughs from Yandex.Direct cannot be seen in Yandex.Metrica?
  25. Scroll map functions on the basis of which data?
  26. Which information does Webvisor record when the “record page contents” for all pages setting is configured?
  27. A counter is installed on all pages of a site except the main page. If a user finds your site via a search engine, ends up on the main page, and then goes to the Contacts page of your site, how will Yandex.Metrica record the traffic source for this session?
  28. What is meant by “Number” in the “Content – ‘Share’ button” report?
  29. A user comes to the main page of a website at 17:00. At 17:15 the user goes to a product page and, without closing the browser, leaves their computer. Returning at 17:40, the user opens the main page and at 17:45 closes the site. What will be recorded in Yandex.Metrica?
  30. A goal has been configured for viewing the Contacts page. A user comes to the site’s main page, then goes to the Contacts page, after which they refresh the Contacts page, and complete their session. How will this inofrmation appear in Yandex.Metrica reports?
  31. Traffic from a VKontakte ad network has ended up in the report “Traffic source – sites”. What needs to be done so that ad traffic ends up in the “Ad systems” report?
  32. What type of goal must you use to track the sequence of events on a site?
  33. In which case would goal statistics become unavailable?
  34. Which method can be used to send information that a user session is not a bounce?
  35. What can you configure with the “Visit timeout” setting?
  36. In which standard report can you evaluate the keyword effectiveness in a Yandex.Direct ad campaign?
  37. Does data usage increase for site users when Webvisor is enabled?
  38. Where does information for the “Page titles” report come from?
  39. In one day your website recorded 100 sessions, 30 users, 15 converted sessions and 20 goal completions What will the conversion rate be in Yandex.Metrica reports?
  40. What does “cached page traffic” mean?
  41. Which pages does a Yandex.Metrica site monitoring robot check for availability?
  42. User #1 comes to your site once a day for 7 days. User #2 comes to your site twice a day for seven days. How many users will appear in the weekly report?
  43. Which attribution model is used in Yandex.Metrica by default?
  44. What are the traffic sources for sessions from bookmarks, and sessions for users who manually type in the address into their browser?
  45. What condition can you not apply to a “Page view” goal in Yandex.Metrica?
  46. Can I exclude from Yandex.Metrica reports traffic from a specific range of IP addresses?
  47. What do you need to do after registering a new Yandex.Metrica counter so that site data will be collected?
  48. How can you make a counter that will not send a hit upon initialization?
  49. Which username cannot edit counter settings?
  50. In the standard report “Yandex.Direct – summary”, you will see the term “External campaigns”. What needs to be done to view detailed statistics for these campaigns?
  51. What needs to be done so that Webvisor does not record keystrokes in specific data entry fields?
  52. How do you display all clicks on the Click map for the “” group of pages?
  53. In which standard report can you see information about robots that have come to your site?
  54. Different Yandex.Metrica counters are installed on the website and third-level domain A user ends up on from a search engine, then clicks a link to Which traffic source for the session will be in the counter?
  55. Which report can give you full information about a user’s IP address?
  56. A user views a site page and then leaves their computer for 40 minutes. The user does not close their browser window in this time. Upon returning, the user continues browsing. The Yandex.Metrica counter records two sessions for this user. What will be the traffic source for the second session?
  57. Is it possible to transfer additional information about user sessions to Yandex.Metrica?
  58. A goal has been set for going to the “Contacts” on a site. At 12:00 a user comes to the site, goes to the contacts pages, adds it to their bookmarks, and then closes the site. At 12:05, the user opens the site via their bookmarks. How will Yandex.Metrica record this goal information?
  59. Is it possible to know in Yandex.Metrica which phone model is used to go to sites?
  60. What is a “user” in Yandex.Metrica?
  61. What information must you transfer in the “Purchase” action when configuring E-commerce, so that information about the purchase sum is transferred to Yandex.Direct?
  62. A user finds a site through Yandex’s search engine using one keyword. In 10 minutes, the user returns to the site through Yandex’s search engine, but finds it with another keyword. Which keyword will Yandex.Metrica take into account for the user’s session?
  63. In what instance will a multi-step goal not function correctly?
  64. What type of goal must you use to find out the number of users for a specific page depth?
  65. In Yandex.Metrica there is a multi-step goal consisting of three steps. The multi-step goal will result in a conversion for which conditions?
  66. What type of goal from this list can be used to track traffic from external links?
  67. What can you do by adding a Yandex.Metrica informer?
  68. Will data be collected if a counter has been installed on a site, but deleted in the Yandex.Metrica interface?
  69. When will information begin to be collected after installing a counter on a site?
  70. For what period of time will the informer display information about a site?
  71. Which username can remove Yandex.Metrica counters?
  72. Can I transfer a counter from one Yandex username to another Yandex username?
  73. Which reports can any Yandex user see if public access to statistics has been given to a counter?
  74. In which standard Yandex.Metrica report can you see data on cost per click from Yandex.Direct?
  75. In which standard report can you see information only for valid click-throughs from Yandex.Direct?
  76. In which of the following reports can you see information about keywords that attracted users from Yandex.Direct?
  77. A site counter has recorded 1500 sessions per day. How many sessions will be available to view in Webvisor?
  78. What is the name of the report where site owners can view a record of user actions?
  79. Does Webvisor record passwords entered by a site user?
  80. Which information does Webvisor record by default?
  81. Please look at the “Link map” report in the screenshot. Which link has had the least clicks for the selected period?
  82. What information on orders is collected in the report “E-commerce – Content of orders”?
  83. A user comes to a site via Yandex’s search engine, then immediately closes the page. After that the user types the address of the site into their browser and goes directly to that site. What is the traffic source of this session?
  84. A user comes to your site from a browser bookmark that contains the tag utm_source=google. Which traffic source will this click-through be attributed to?
  85. What is “Internal traffic”?
  86. What is the correct way to add the tag “from=yandex” to the link
  87. What information about goals must you send in the goal_id parameter in the “Purchase” action when configuring E-commerce, so that information about the purchase sum is transferred to Yandex.Direct?
  88. Does Yandex.Metrica collect information about files downloaded by users and their click-throughs to external sites?
  89. For which traffic source must you always use tags so that information appears in the “Sources – Summary” report?
  90. What are “new users” in Yandex.Metrica?
  91. Owners of which sites can set up an “E-commerce” report?
  92. What do you need to specify in the “Goal ID” field when creating a JavaScript event type goal?
  93. What type of goal must you use to track clicks on site buttons?
  94. In Yandex.Metrica, what can you set for goals of the type “Page view”?
  95. What’s the maximum number of steps you can set for a multi-step goal?
  96. What does the .reachGoal() method do?
  97. This screenshot shows a goal with several conditions. In what case will there be a conversion?
  98. Which blocks of counter code are enough to install on a site so that Yandex.Metrica can correctly collect and display information on site traffic in the informer?
  99. On a site there are pages with the addresses, How can you combine these pages into one single URL ( by using actions?
  100. Can I configure support for a desired file extension for the “File downloads” report?
  101. In what ways can I receive notifications about the availability of my website?
  102. Please choose the correct next step. After making changes to the counter code via Yandex.Metrica’s settings:
  103. Is it possible to grant access to all counters that are set for one username?
  104. Which username of which access level can grant guest access to a counter?
  105. Are statistics saved after a counter is transferred to another username?