Privacy Policy

As the person responsible for this website, find it fundamental obligation to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of their users ‘ personal data, and so give my full commitment to comply with the new Organic Data Protection Law (LOPD).

This Privacy Policy shall apply only to personal data gathered on the Website, not to information collected on other websites by third parties, even if connected by the Website.

For the user and the person responsible for this website, the following conditions are binding, so it is vital that you spend a few minutes reading this privacy policy.


Sending and storing personal data:

Sending personal data on this website is mandatory to email, comment, subscribe to and introduce yourself to advertise your goods on this list.

Similarly, failure to provide the required personal data or failure to accept this data protection policy will mean the inability of subscribing to the content and handling the requests made on this website. You do not need to send any personal data to visit this website. 

The cases in which personal data is needed on this site are:

  • Subscribe to the newsletter of and to buy information about products
  • For comment you need to visit blog sections
  • To download some of the free materials included in the blog post
  • If you have some queries contact us via form or Skype
  • To share content on social networks
  • You also to participate as an advertiser
  • To Buy products with 100% correct information
  • 100% working materials

What data does that site require and for what purpose? gathers users ‘ data via the Web through online forms. Depending on the case, the Personal Data collected may include: name, title, email and access link. Likewise, we can ask the User for certain banking data in the case of contracting services and ads.

The aim of the data collected through this portal is as follows:

  1. The purposes of the data collected To satisfy  users requirements.
    For example, if the user leaves his / her personal information on any of the contact forms, we may use that information to respond to his / her request and to answer any doubts, complaints, comments or concerns the user may have about the information contained on the Website, Services provided through the Website, the processing of his / her data, questions concerning the legal texts found in the Website, as well as any other requests which the user may have.
  2. To maintain the subscription list, submit updates, ads and special offers, in this case, we will only use the user’s email address and name when signing up.
  3. Moderate and respond to comments from users on the blog
  4. To ensure that the terms of use and applicable law are upheld. This may include the creation of software and algorithms to help ensure the security of the personal data it collects on this site.
  5. To support and improve the services this website provides.

In some cases, information about this site’s visitors is shared anonymously or with third parties such as advertisers, sponsors or affiliates solely to improve our services and monetize the site. All of these processing activities will be governed according to the legal standards and the data protection rights of all users will be protected in compliance with the current regulations.


In each case, the user has full rights over and uses his / her personal data and he/she can exercise it at any time. Under no conditions will this website send third parties the personal data of its users without explicitly notifying them and requesting their permission.


Personal data collection services used on this Internet

This website uses a different framework for collecting personal information. The website also needs the users ‘ prior consent to process their personal data for the specified purposes. The user has the right at any time to withdraw his / her prior consent.

Precision and veracity of the data:

The user is solely responsible for the quality and integrity of the data which he/she sends to, exempting the Lender from any liability in this regard. In any case, the users guarantee and respond to the accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the personal data supplied and undertake to keep them updated. In the contact or subscription form, the user agrees to provide complete and correct information.