Bing Accreditation Exam Answers

Bing Ads Accreditation Exam Answers 2020 (Updates)

  1. With Call Extensions you can do the following: (Select 2)
  2. You can also use MAI to conduct international research by populating which boxes? Choose all that apply.
  3. What keyword-specific metrics might you use to tailor your bid strategy based on the price of your products or services?
  4. A visitor to the Baldwin Museum of Science website signs up to receive its newsletter. What is this customer action called?
  5. With Hotel Ads, how can you upload your bids, bid multipliers, and hotel group associations in bulk? (Select 3)
  6. What is the best question to ask yourself when considering how to create a positive landing page experience?
  7. How many levels of organization are contained within the Hotel Ads structure?
  8. Why is it important to choose the right keywords? (Select 2)
  9. Universal Event Tracking (UET) is a mechanism for advertisers to do what?
  10. Which components are not required for a Microsoft Advertising expanded text ad? Choose all that apply.
  11. Microsoft Advertising Intelligence does not allow you to build separate reports. True or false?
  12. From where can you export data in Microsoft Advertising Editor?
  13. Which of these Scripts options are available to you in Microsoft Advertising?
  14. When using Dynamic search ads, what happens after you create specific ad text for your relevant targets?
  15. Which of the following ideas should you consider implementing when writing your ad?
  16. Best practices for using automated rules include the following: (Select 3)
  17. What is an example of a remarketing exclusion along with remarketing targeting?
  18. The only way to use Hotel Ads is to sign up with your account manager. True or false?
  19. You can save time and effort with the Google Merchant Center (GMC) Import if you have _________ up and running.
  20. In-market audiences can be imported from Google Ads campaigns. True or False?
  21. What key strategies might an advertiser use Microsoft Advertising Intelligence for?
  22. Which feature should you use to create a custom filter that shows items with different attributes?
  23. Which of the following can you customize in Microsoft Advertising Editor?
  24. What should you do after accessing the Opportunities tab for further optimization? Choose all that apply.
  25. If you are unable to find your ad in the Microsoft Advertising Network results pages, why should you first examine the Impressions column in the Microsoft Advertising data summary tables?
  26. What are two ways you can advantage of audience targeting? (Select 2)
  27. Price Extensions are a pay-per-click extension that display your products or services. True or false?
  28. With Microsoft Advertising, you can export which kinds of campaigns?
  29. Each campaign you create will have its own ___________.
  30. If you set a daily accelerated budget too low for the traffic generated by your keywords what might happen?
  31. What needs to happen before you import your custom audiences into Microsoft Advertising for search remarketing?
  32. LinkedIn Profile Targeting when used with ‘Bid only’ target setting will narrow your ad’s audience. True or False?
  33. The Microsoft Advertising Intelligence keyword planner tool is a paid-subscription tool that builds keyword lists. True or false?
  34. With LinkedIn Profile Targeting, you can target customers based on what criteria?
  35. The keyword research feature can help you:
  36. Recent updates to the Microsoft Advertising Editor are the following:
  37. You can create a new campaign by copying an existing campaign from one account to another. True or false?
  38. It is possible to bulk edit and manage multiple accounts using a Mac. True or False?
  39. What are the three categories of attributes for ad customizer feeds?
  40. In Microsoft Advertising, which customer actions are considered conversions? (Select 3)
  41. Microsoft Advertising Editor does not allow you to import your Google Ads campaigns directly into the Editor, make changes, and post them. True or false?
  42. Automated rules can only be applied at the campaign level. True or false?
  43. What are the benefits of having an upgraded URL?
  44. With Google Import, you can decide if you’d like to import all existing and new campaigns from Google Ads or just specific campaigns. True or false?
  45. Where can you select different options depending on whether you have one or multiple accounts?
  46. Before you create product ads in a shopping campaign, you must first do what? Choose all that apply.
  47. What is a keyword bid?
  48. Where might your Microsoft Audience Ads be displayed?
  49. How many managing customers can you grant access for on your account? (And likewise remove?)
  50. The Multi-user Access bulk workflow prevents you from setting up multiple consolidated logins at once. True or false?
  51. What is the main benefit of Syndication?
  52. With pay-per-click search advertising, when are you charged?
  53. Which of the following might generate invalid clicks? (Select 2)
  54. Dynamic search ads are most appropriate for which two types of advertisers? (Select 2)
  55. Which Delivery status is given to ads or keywords that violate the Microsoft Advertising policies?
  56. You can find your PPC quality scores in your Performance Reports and in your Keywords list. True or false?
  57. The Microsoft Audience Network is an advertising solution powered by the Microsoft Graph and Artificial Intelligence. True or False?
  58. How many tags must you place on your site to track multiple campaigns?
  59. Which of the following audience variables can be used to target your ads and keywords? Choose all that apply.
  60. Which elements in the Microsoft Advertising quality score formula should you use to determine the best ways to optimize your ads?
  61. A best practice for updating UET tags on your website is:
  62. A broad match modifier tells Microsoft Advertising that a specific word or words must not be present in order for your ad to display. True or False?
  63. What are two ways to import a file? (Select 2)
  64. When using Microsoft Advertising Intelligence, you should include what metrics in running a report?
  65. Which column in the Microsoft Advertising data summary table tells you the pre- and post-auction delivery status of your campaign?
  66. The Competition tab in Reporting gives you what two functionalities? (Select 2)
  67. What Microsoft Advertising feature allows you to specify how closely a customer’s search query must match your keyword before your ad is displayed?
  68. With search advertising, what happens when a customer clicks your ad? (Select 2)
  69. A tracking tag (UET tag) is designed to help advertisers target their audience for which purpose? Choose all that apply.
  70. Trey Research sells vegetable seeds and does not want its ad to display when a customer searches for flower seeds. To avoid displaying an ad when a customer searches for flower seeds, which Microsoft Advertising option should they select?
  71. The Negative Keywords Conflicts report provides useful information about how negative keywords may be reducing campaign effectiveness. This report returns which of the following information? (Select 2)
  72. Audience remarketing is a good way to select the appropriate customers to see your ad. True or false?
  73. Which ad extension report allows you to track how your business attracts customers across PCs, tablets and mobile devices? Choose all that apply.
  74. Page feeds can’t support URLs for dynamic search ads campaigns in a spreadsheet format. True or false?
  75. In order for LinkedIn Profile Targeting to work, people must meet which criteria? (Select 2)
  76. How do bid adjustments (modifiers) affect the display of your ad?
  77. Which Microsoft Advertising functionality policies must advertisers adhere to?
  78. Microsoft Advertising Editor allows customers to use the Google Import tool to schedule and sync imports from Google Ads campaigns automatically. True or false?
  79. What do you call words or phrases that trigger ads when they match a customer’s search query?
  80. You can adjust your bidding so ad spend will go toward the best performing devices. True or false?
  81. To optimize your product feeds no matter the priority or filter, you must make sure to take the following actions: (Select 2)
  82. Looking at traffic history is one way to improve your bidding strategy. True or false?
  83. You want to determine which ads lead to clicks and conversions, and which are not performing. Which type of report should you select?
  84. Coho Winery wants their ad to display for the keyword cabernet sauvignon only when a customer’s search query matches their keyword exactly, including some close variants, with no extra words. Which keyword match option should they select?
  85. What bid strategies are currently available for bid optimization? Choose all that apply.
  86. What are the campaign and image limits with Google Import for Audience Campaigns?
  87. What is the main advantage of using dynamic text in your ads?
  88. Device investment (desktops/laptops, tablets and smartphones) can be controlled by bid modifiers of: (Select 2)
  89. Exclusions you set at the campaign level will always cascade down to all of the ads in your campaign, regardless of ad group settings. True or false?
  90. A custom audience is a type of remarketing list. What is NOT required to set this up?
  91. Which ad extension will help boost ad performance by highlighting products and services? Choose all that apply.
  92. What is the key tactic in optimizing your PPC ads?
  93. You can now receive billing alerts and monthly invoices via email. True or false?
  94. What are some Microsoft Advertising guidelines to use in order to avoid common editorial disapprovals?
  95. You want to track your search advertising budget and spend. Which report group should you select?
  96. Microsoft Advertising will not use your Google Ads sign-in information for any purpose other than the import process. True or false?
  97. You cannot copy campaigns from Google Ads into Microsoft Advertising using the Google Import tool. True or false?
  98. The Microsoft Audience Network supports which two kinds of ad formats? Choose all that apply.
  99. Choose 2 targeting options that would allow you to better serve ads to potential customers who meet specific criteria.
  100. What are two best practices for monitoring performance in Syndication networks? (Select 2)
  101. Microsoft Advertising Scripts are JavaScript-based actions you can to build to analyze, change, or delete items in your account based on custom criteria. True or False?
  102. You can serve ads on the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) from search campaigns. True or false?
  103. An Expanded Text Ad can contain 2 ad titles, 2 ad copies and URL paths. True or false?
  104. Microsoft Advertising Multi-user Access lets you use one username to access multiple customer shells. True or false?
  105. How might using Multi-User Access for sign up be useful for your agency or business?
  106. Search syndication and distribution is when a search engine provides its services to a third-party in need of search capabilities for their digital properties. True or false?
  107. Microsoft Advertising Editor allows you to work and make changes offline and online. True or False?
  108. Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool that provides which kinds of insight?
  109. Microsoft Advertising includes robust research and reporting tools to help you identify potential areas for campaign improvement. What is it called when you improve your campaign based on the results of these tools?
  110. With the Microsoft Audience Network, the only targeting option available is keyword targeting. True or False?
  111. Microsoft Advertising supplies the curated list of potential customers for in-market audiences. True or False?
  112. If you have Universal Event Tracking (UET) enabled, you can use it to verify and create your store in Microsoft Merchant Center (MMC). True or false?